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Partial removable denture Removable dentures are made when for some reason no fixed dentures are possible (eg for financial reasons). Metal clips fix the replacement, which can be placed in a visible location. In many cases, a metal sheet can be placed on the palate, so it is not aesthetically pleasing. In many cases, the clamps provide good fixation so that these dentures do not move in the mouth. Take it out for cleaning, but you can sleep with it. Combined (“sliding”) restoration The combination of removable and fixed restorations. It is very useful and good solution if implantation is not possible. It is used when the posterior (incisive) teeth are missing but at least 4 of the incisors are still present. Then we make a bridge for the existing teeth, with a precise small lock on the rear (not visible) surface of the bridge. This includes a removable replacement clamp. This prevents the clamp from being exposed to a visible surface. Complete removable denture Today we only make a complete denture if we are unable to implant due to severe bone deficiency or health problems. It is also a temporary solution for healing time, eg. in case someone needs a full implant. This is the cheapest type of dental prosthesis, so for financial reasons it can be considered.

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